30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

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Training update. Last week my coach told me he was going out cave diving this weekend. He loves this stuff. I dont love that he does it as it is very dangerous. I do think it’s kind of cool and the stuff he sees is amazing.  I also know that there isn’t any stopping this …

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Rest day, my foot!

Yeah, Rest AND weights. The weights kicked my rear way more than anything.   Somewhere in the middle of my 15th repeat of the inchworm, I started to feel sort of well…NOT RESTED! Gotta say though it was the BEST STRESS Relief ever. AND.  Bonus!  I used Less assist on my pull ups!  this is …

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And it goes on

I am now getting really close to TAPER week. Unlike last week, I am not fantasizing about it any more. Fear not. My Fantasies regarding Taper week were really really G rated.   Last week, I was trying to support a friend in her gymming habits.  Because of her childcare situation she always gets to …

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Strength and Stretch

Yesterday, I had the same experience as before.  I woke up incredibly sore.  I was actually 15 minutes late to work, because I was not getting out of bed.  I realised with shock that I was avoiding getting out of bed because I was afraid it would hurt to walk. So, motrin in the morning …

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