30 weeks of Marathon training.

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The rest of Peak Week.

So the rest of peak week was “exciting” Holy Heck.  It was SO HARD. Thursday I had on the docket 10 by 800 repeats.  So I put on my game face and went for it. Apparently I really LIKE 800 reps.  By the time I got to the end of the workout, I had run …

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Build Day 5…Survival.

Thursday of each week is some form of Speed work.  On tap this week was 8 800 meter repeats.  So essentially the Yasso 800 workout, but shorter than 10. Trust me people, if this is not a staple of your training…8 is enough.. Plenty.   I’ve started to do better with the 800’s partly because …

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Speedy Thursday of course

Thursday is of course Speed work. I’ve had a good training week so far. Today is kind of one of those “VERY IMPORTANT WORKOUTS” Some of course are just time on your feet type workouts, important, but in general you complete the workout to complete it.  Others, like the 800 meter repeats…are really focused on …

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Today was 800 m repeat day. This is the hardest training for me mentally and physically. Some of the other workouts are longer, but they lack the same intensity of sailing off for half mile repeats at what feels like a breakneck speed. One’s body can usually do these repeats, but what really gets me …

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Speedy Thursday

Oye Vey I did speed work on treadmill. Wow.  Oddly I slept really well last night and woke all on my own at about 4:15.  Rather than attempting to get 22 more minutes sleep or something, I just got up and got ready to go. I had a 2 mile warm, so I did about …

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Marathon training Day 26

Whoo Hooo I rocked the Heck out of my 800’s this morning. Best Part of the day!  Here’s a photo I took at the end of the workout as the sun was rising. We decided to meet at 6 am to do the workouts.  I was skeptical that I could complete in one hour so …

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