30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

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Oh my….

What an unusual day. I got up…felt pretty OK… And by OK, I was able to walk the dog, deal with his output…and get back to the couch position. I tend to be pretty optimistic, so I was like, OK, gonna be a good day. By 10 am, I was really bored with Facebook, Daily …

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And the Beat Goes On….

I am definitely sidelined. It is amazing to me how fast one’s life can change.  One day I’m thinking about how to manage training and my new job and the upcoming Marathon….the next I am deciding how I can manage walking through a store to obtain only essentials and strategically planning my dog walks so …

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And into every runner’s life…..

Some not really great workouts must occur. Today was apparently a day for that. I was REALLY looking forward to my Saturday workout. Then some things interfered. Friday I had to bathe the dog so he could go to his annual Vet appointment.  He was actually quite dirty based on the bath water. Remember, my …

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Mobilizing the resources. Injury Update

I had a realization this morning as I was swimming… Having any kind of coherent thought while doing laps is an achievement for me.  I tend to focus on lap counting, set counting and the like.  Thoughts drift in and out like jelly fish, but rarely do they stay. I dragged myself out of bed …

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Why I Luuurve working with a coach continuation of the injury saga.

So I have tweaked out my back.  It sucks a lot.  But, I’m actually feeling pretty lucky.  Why. Typically this is how a back injury works for folks.   You experience pain.  If it is only kind of severe, you self-treat with anti-inflammatories, heat and ice, rest…maybe Vodka if you are inclined! When that doesn’t …

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