30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

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Lesson learned…(again)

So today on the docket was a medium sized Brick workout. Bike an hour run 6 miles. I awoke at 4 am and stumbled/shuffled around.  Made an executive decision to crawl back to the bed.  Slept til 6:30 am. Felt better. The yasso workout is so tough that it followed me into the next day. …

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I may be finally “over” my month long injury that was never really diagnosed.  We can consider it sort of a quad strain, piriformis syndrome, ITB aggravation. It still “hurts” on impact a bit, but the aftermath is not like before, and each day it feels a wee bit better. Mama Cass sings a love …

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Marathon Training Day 24

So kind of a bizarre day. I was to run 3.5 miles  middle two at a 5K pace. Well.   I started out running and my left leg felt really strange.  Kind of like Peg leg Pete  definitely not like the Incomparable Peg Leg Bates Definitely not that good. It has been tight since massage …

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Marathon training Day 4

Yep I am 4 days into the training. Today wasn’t exactly the best day.  Work went well, in that I was focused and got most things done that I intended to do.  I was able to enforce policy, which is not fun, and can be quite difficult for me, but today I did well at …

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what the heck…..

So this is my week. That 10 miles looks so exciting but it is cycling not running. I had a pretty awful running week. I ran 3.3 on Wednesday which was an excellent progressive run.  I’m ignoring the last 3 minutes!  and I ran 3 on Friday which was an OK run.  I went out …

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