30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

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Saturday… Despite the Drama of Friday…Saturday was a pretty good day. I continued my taper of the Neurontin.  I’m at about half the dose, I can tell because my foot and calf are somewhat tingly and that’s unpleasant, but it does tell me that there is still a problem, which is important. I took the …

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Marathon Training Day 68, 69, 70, 71, 72

Oh My how time has flown.  I have been at a conference in Ohio and was too tired to post.  Once i got over being tired, I was in misery and shock over the Boston Marathon situation.  Breaks my heart. So this will be a short catch up post about the STUFF I have done. …

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Marathon Training Day 64

This week is an unusual one.  I have to travel on Saturday, so I am rearranging most of my workouts.  Today, I found my lefty that is usually sore after the long run was feeling pretty good. So I thought well. I’ll do Tuesday’s workout on Monday etc. Tuesday was 3 mile run and some …

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Marathon Training day 57….pffft.

So on Thursday, I had a bit of a Pow Wow with the Coach… We discussed loads of stuff, and I knew things were going to change. On Sunday I got this email.. Happy Easter! Congrats on luckys! I can help with open water swimming when you want to. You would do great in tris. …

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Day 47 Marathon Training

Well, I am still feeling ridiculously optimistic, I think it’s the medrol! My ankle is somewhat better, but it is still exhibiting symptoms and some problems.  We’ll see what happens on Sunday. Today I had a very unique experience of trying to do speed work while pool running.  Yeah. Not exactly synonymous. The key to …

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Day 45 Marathon training Still Injured.

Today would have been a 3 mile run easy.  It is a rest week after all. So What did I do… Well actually, I kind of got up late, was late to meet my friend, and Pool Ran for 36 minutes which is definitely more than the time I would have been running.  I used …

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Day 43 Marathon Training. Unhappy face

It’s a rest and recover week, until Sunday when I run 17 miles. I’m not feeling very good today. I attempted a 2 mile run and really the ankle just could not take the pounding.  I stopped running on the pavement almost immediately and tried it on the soccer field.  No dice. Lucky me, I …

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Marathon training Day 36

Sooo, today was a 3 mile run on a soft surface. Yeah.  My left lower leg is just all jacked up.  I could have done the run.  My leg always loosens up after a mile of a hopping gait.  Sooner, I learned if I stretch it.  BUT..You know.  this is not normal. I decided the …

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Running on land again.

SO yesterday I did an easy run 3 easy miles… In 88 degree heat near 100% humidity. Forgot my Singulair. coughed a lot but it made the run very easy since I had to slow on down. All in all it was a fairly good run. Right after, I hit the massage table.  Mona worked out …

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