30 weeks of Marathon training.

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Rest day, my foot!

Yeah, Rest AND weights. The weights kicked my rear way more than anything.   Somewhere in the middle of my 15th repeat of the inchworm, I started to feel sort of well…NOT RESTED! Gotta say though it was the BEST STRESS Relief ever. AND.  Bonus!  I used Less assist on my pull ups!  this is …

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Most Disappointing rest day EVER

Well, today is not really a rest day, but on my plan I will either run a Progressive run on the Treadmill, or pick up my new plan from Skeletor and do what it says. So this morning I get up and go to walk the dog. It is  71 degrees, dry and breezy.   …

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what the heck…..

So this is my week. That 10 miles looks so exciting but it is cycling not running. I had a pretty awful running week. I ran 3.3 on Wednesday which was an excellent progressive run.  I’m ignoring the last 3 minutes!  and I ran 3 on Friday which was an OK run.  I went out …

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So, whats on my mind

I see this really nice plan I made this morning. Is that what I did? Heck no.   After wearing compression all day I decided I was feeling pretty good, and that I should get at least 3 miles in. I started out and things were actually OK, I was running a little bit faster …

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