30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

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Friday Loose end

So UGH.  Friday. I really hated work on Friday. There are too many issues going on at work and I feel I barely have a handle on anything. Everything I touch gets messier and messier, and at times I feel like I want to throttle my direct main supervisor, who is great at a distance, …

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Wednesday…banished the grumpies.

Wow.  It was BRISK this morning. 38 degrees. I was pretty darn snug in my bed.   Seriously.  I felt like a toasty cinnamon bun.  I wanted to sleep more, but I was awake.  I had had a very realistic, yet insane dream and I spent my first 10 minutes of awake time, laying in …

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I’m in total rehab mode. I got a little smart yesterday.  After the massage, I used one of the Flexeril tablets for muscle relaxation.  It helped me to sleep very very soundly.  I felt like I had gotten all the muscles feeling better post massage, why let them get tense again.  This actually worked, and …

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Saturday Brick, Baby, Brick.

Today was a BIG Brick. Again, I’m no triathlete, but I sure do train like one. I had a HUGE long cycle on the plan today- over an hour.  and then a 5 miler. I woke up feeling like I’d like to sleep about 1-2 hours more.  Eventually I rolled into the gym at 07:30. …

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Marathon Training Day 41

Less Crash and Burn today. Admittedly, I was just not feeling 100% great last night, and I stayed up a little later than normal watching some television. I woke up when my friend Janice texted me asking when we were going to run tomorrow. I wanted to sleep some more, but really once I’m awake, …

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Marathon Training Day 32.

This was a fairly uneventful day.  I had made plans to have dinner with a friend, so I once again decided to get this workout out of the way in the morning. Once again it was too cold for me to consider swimming.  The pool is heated.  But getting out is a real challenge.  UGH. …

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