30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

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Marathon training Day 75. The worst Long run ever

I have to admit, this was not the worst long run ever.  I’ve had worse 20 milers.  This one was special though. I had to take a day off work this week to make up for my Sunday at work.  So I took Friday.  Whoo Hoo 3 day weekend.  And I decided to knock the …

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Marathon training Day 67

LOL.  I was typing this and thinking, “Oh I am getting behind on my charting”  It would be that way, as I am always going to be a nurse. Anyway.  MTD 67 was a one hour swim. It was a GLORIOUS day. The water was COLD, the air was HOT.  I didn’t swim too fast, …

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Marathon training day 63

Long run.  15 miles one hour spin, about 12.3 miles. So, I was feeling pretty good when I started out for the long run.  I had some lingering tired feelings but, I think loads of us feel tired on the weekends.  I maybe more than others, because I actually have to get up earlier on …

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Marathon training Day one. Half Marathon training Day one.

Yes…its time.  I started my training out today.  Yesterday I was very irritable, and shared my irritability with a variety of persons…not my best moments, but…I suppose it had to do with a few things. 1. I don’t have a plan, but I have an inkling that the plan I get is going to be …

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And it all just got really really real again

So by Monday I was no longer on the “Sick List” I was still coughing but it was that “leftover” cough that you know you will have for a while. So I bit the bullet and decided to go whole Hog on the Monday workout. 3500 yards of swimming. For those who aren’t used to …

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