30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

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2014 Race Calendar

Truthfully, I am not supposed to even THINK about racing until I can run 5-10 miles and not get hurt. Well..  In my defense, a little thinking can not hurt.  In fact, it kind of takes the sting out of this years mess.  If I look at the year from January to January, I did …

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Week in review.

Since Wednesday things have improved quite a bit. I was not feeling 100% well.  My legs were doing OK, but my mind was really in a bad place.  I knew this was all my deal, so I fought it tooth and nail, which is actually VERY hard to do.  There is a reason that depressed …

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Week’s end.

This was an unusual week for me. I actually did run a bit, and I also did a lot of swim and cycle.  But really it was a far cry from my recent weeks of 40 plus Miles per week. I felt pretty dispirited about this set back.  It seemed unfair.  Life, of course is …

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I took a rest last weekend,  and this week has been a nice week of “active rest” so far.  No grueling workouts.  It seems this week, I just breeze into the gym, cycle a bit, and head out. That is not entirely true, but it is a week of active rest. I am slower than …

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New Coaching.

So It is official, I have a new coach of sorts. I call him Skeletor. He is my old Physical Therapist, and an Ultra Runner, Ultra Swimmer, and all around smart person.  On top of that, he is a Christian of the type I admire.  In other words, he actually tries to live a life …

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Week two in the bag.

I finished off week two with a Run on the Clay Trail with 2 friends.  Well.  We started out together.  By the end I was about 1 mile behind them.. but that alright.This is not a photo taken by me, if you like it go here… But this is kind of what the clay Trail …

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A wee bit of Speed work

Well, I failed to take my own advice.  I admit to having had a very tough work week, so I really didn’t plan out my best training week. Most everything resolved today and I am cautiously optimistic again.  My job situation is much like a roller coaster. But I felt pretty resting this afternoon, so …

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Hello world!

Well howdy!  it’s a new blog for me.  I am trying to kind of keep some things separate from my other blog, as the repeated entries about running can be boring to those who don’t run.  I regret that this entry, the first one…is not some slick introduction- designed to make you want to follow …

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