30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

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This week in training….

Wow what a week. I still have a strange little workout… “Run the 5K course, rest 2 minutes and run 2 miles steady”  Not sure if that is Run the 5K course fast, or what…but I’m confident I can do it.  Yeah, I could email for clarification, but to be honest, it’s so hot here …

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This weeks training in review.

This week, my training was really really Off. It started with the 7 mile run on the clay trail.  Followed the very next day by speed work on the Treadmill.  Followed by an intense need (not surprisingly) to rest.  None of that would have been a problem except I had a 5K that I needed …

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Thinking ahead.

I decided to run the City Of Oaks Half Marathon in November.   It has been one of those races on my radar.  In past years I guess people complained that it was very hilly. This year it is advertised as “Flatter than Ever”!   This sort of disappoints me, as it seems we, as runners, …

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