30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

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Oh Wow. Bryce Canyon Half Marathon! This race was kind of thrown on at the end of this training cycle.  I registered in December, because it was only 35.00.  I corralled a long time running friend Jim into registering as well.  Jim lives in the same state as the race, and had run it before …

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This week in training….

Wow what a week. I still have a strange little workout… “Run the 5K course, rest 2 minutes and run 2 miles steady”  Not sure if that is Run the 5K course fast, or what…but I’m confident I can do it.  Yeah, I could email for clarification, but to be honest, it’s so hot here …

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Pre-Race Nerves.

I’ve got a week or so before my Race on July 12. All of a sudden I’m kind of nervous. I signed up for this thing in December.  It was 35.00.  Kind of funny because of course with Airfare, hotels, car rentals, etc this is possibly the most expensive race I’ve done.  Now…I had a …

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Highlights from this week in training.

Currently I am not sure if I am training for Bryce Canyon half marathon, getting ready for Jacksonville Bank Marathon, or just maintaining…. I’ve been kind of doing whatever workouts I have and enjoying them very very much.  Last week I had 28 running miles. This week I managed 29.5.   SO far on both …

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Loose end, or just….

Today I am feeling a little bit Blah. Training is going well, though I have had a few questions for my coach, which hopefully he will answer. I think I may actually just be reacting to the Mundane-ness of my life currently. It is a lot of work, go home, workout, walk dog.  I do …

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