30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

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I’m an April fool!

Wow.  So training.  It’s become kind of regimented. This morning, April Fool’s Day…I awoke, looked at the workout, saw it was a Brick.  Proceeded to post on Facebook- WITH ILLUSTRATION- “Happy Wednesday, full of Camels and Bricks!”  Several people corrected me which I saw after the workout. I was first convinced it was Wednesday anyway….then …

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Weekly Wrap up!

Wow.   only 34 days between myself and the Lighthouse Loop Half Marathon…. and only 14 weeks between myself and my nemesis, the Jacksonville Bank Marathon.  Now, Jax Bank is not a particular nemesis, but “the Marathon”  distance is my nemesis.  I really have not been able to put together any good marathons.  Currently I’m …

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Day 43 Marathon Training. Unhappy face

It’s a rest and recover week, until Sunday when I run 17 miles. I’m not feeling very good today. I attempted a 2 mile run and really the ankle just could not take the pounding.  I stopped running on the pavement almost immediately and tried it on the soccer field.  No dice. Lucky me, I …

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Marathon Training Day 41

Less Crash and Burn today. Admittedly, I was just not feeling 100% great last night, and I stayed up a little later than normal watching some television. I woke up when my friend Janice texted me asking when we were going to run tomorrow. I wanted to sleep some more, but really once I’m awake, …

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Day 35 Rocking the Marathon Training

Today was the Pinnacle of a tough training week.  I had a 16 mile Long run.  No big deal right?  Well…I have not run longer than 13 since I had Hip surgery, which was quite a while ago.  So  to me this was kind of a big deal.  On top of it, my plan went …

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Marathon Training Day 18

This was not a very exciting day for me in training.  I had the option to swim for an hour or pool run for an hour. Since pool running on Monday was pretty tough…I decided to stick with the regular swimming, kind of my least favorite exercise ever. It was an uneventful swim. I had …

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