30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.


Training update.

Last week my coach told me he was going out cave diving this weekend.

He loves this stuff.

I dont love that he does it as it is very dangerous. I do think it’s kind of cool and the stuff he sees is amazing.  I also know that there isn’t any stopping this one.

His wife doesn’t love it either, but you know…he is gonna do what he is gonna do.

As he puts it… “If I die, she will come out there and kill me all over again”  Which always makes us laugh. I can totally see it happening too. She is a really sweet woman, but ….

Anyway, because the location is kind of remote, he sent me two weeks instead of the usual one- just in case, he gets back late on Sunday or can’t get email out because cell reception isn’t great there. Or in case he like, you know dies.  I will not feel comfortable until I see him on Monday.


He also asked that I stop by and give him an update.  So on Thursday, after I did a mini weights workout for arms and abs, and such I went over to his work space.  He was running 3 patients for sure, and at least one of them was a bit demanding and disagreeable.  She kept asking questions and then arguing with the answers. Not a great way to get on his good side at all.  She was quite irritated that I was present, as a non-patient, and that he seemed to talk to me. I tried to leave, saying I’d email him, and he was all like, “Hold on just a minute”

He ran through everything  with me:

  • What weights am I doing?
  • How is my hip shoulder back feet?
  • How is the Speed work?
  • What’s the ultimate goal?
  • Was T. the massage guy getting the stuff worked out?

Guess we hadn’t really talked in a while.

After that he showed me a stretching exercise to open up my chest.

Kind of like the video but a little different.

We talked about summer and training and a tiny bit about the heat.  We also talked about my half marathon- in October.  5 months away, and he thinks I’m gonna do great.  I kind of hope so as long as I stay uninjured. We reminisced about last year at this time…He said yeah- you are better off without that guy, and I actually smiled and agreed.

He asked again how I was feeling and I said well, fine, kind of tired of course.  He reflected, “This is a huge big training week”  And I reflected back that it had felt completely like a regular training week.  To which he kind of glanced at me, gave me a strange look,and then said pointedly nothing.

I then asked him to do me a favor over the weekend.   He looked sort of annoyed saying, “I’m going to be off in the middle of nowhere…”  I asked him to please not die.  He just melted and unfortunately while washing his hands decided he had to give me a huge wet soapy hug.  We are ridiculous and we make a great team.

Non training update:  All week I have had a pretty nasty headache, so I am still concerned about amoeba, but this is not amoeba presentation, plus office dude is sick.  So Debating going back to Lucky’s Lake tomorrow for one more crossing to try to earn my stupid yellow swim cap.  I know that as amoeba hits the news in summer I’m going to get freaked out again…and stop the OWS.  Lucky me, for the 3.75 mile swim, it’s in saltwater…no amoeba there…




  1. I hope it’s not amoeba either. Isn’t there a test to check for any amoebas swimming around in your head? Or maybe you don’t get an elevated white blood cell count with amoebas….

    Your coach is a keeper! 🙂

  2. mizunogirl

    It’s probably not amoeba. I was able to minimize the headache with a bit of ibuprofen and rest…if it is amoeba I will soon have meningitis. The test for amoeba takes longer than it does to kill a person, so…but It can’t be amoeba, I’d be sicker. more likely…i’m tired!

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