30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

And it goes on

I am now getting really close to TAPER week.

Unlike last week, I am not fantasizing about it any more.

Fear not. My Fantasies regarding Taper week were really really G rated.


Last week, I was trying to support a friend in her gymming habits.  Because of her childcare situation she always gets to the gym kind of late.  So sometimes I stayed to hang out a bit.  I also had issues with the huge amount of food that I suddenly had to consume due to the big increase in training.

This week, I gave up on being a supportive friend.  I realized that she was really sucking me dry, and I’ve been home at a much more reasonable time, allowing me time to get ready for what ever is on the schedule each day…I also kind of adjusted my calories and I feel much better.

So I no longer need to fantasize about sleep, I am getting plenty.

After my realization that I do indeed Heart RUNNING again…I was very tempted to leave Skeletor a note at his work area in great big huge letters.


I chose not too because it would have been a little nerdy, and I was also afraid someone would misinterpret it.  So I sent him an email instead, it was less bold.

In return I get this….   Excellent! This is the goal.  He is the man with the plan, but not with many words.

I did a “tempo run”  on Wednesday. Did it on the treadmill to try to hold a specific pace.  I again sufferred with the fear that if I turn up the speed TOO much I may fall OFF the mill, or have to stop and walk.  But the run was significantly faster than my 4 miler Tempos, so I was pretty happy with it.

Today was kind of the “Big Show”  I met up with Skeletor for a weights work out.  I am really pleased with the workout.  I did complain, “I always feel like I am so out of shape with you”  and he laughed and said yeah, thats what I’m supposed to do.  He worked me out for about a 30 minutes and then Mrs. Skeletor showed up.  I was surprised, and she was kind of funny, saying “Oh I’m only here to stretch”  I really didn’t care one bit.  She is a nice person.  We kind of were able to roll our eyes at each other each time he started to get too serious.

Best part of the workout was when he was tyring to get me to do Mountain climbers modified with a towel on the floor.  I finally looked at him and told him…this towel is in my way, I’m getting rid of it.  While getting rid of it, He was protesting, “You need it to do the exercise”  So I did the Mt Climbers normally, and he kind of smiled and said, “Well heck, I didn’t know you could do that”  Mrs. Skeletor snickered (this is why it is so nice to have other women around!)

After that, I went to work.  8 very long hours… I have become maybe a bit relaxed at work.  We are dealing with the Fungal Meningitis outbreak and it’s a pain in the keister.  I just keep wading through all the CDC requests.  Someday I hope to meet  Dr. Tom Chiller, a Mycotic specialist who is one all the COCA calls that I have to deal with.  I think the training is helping me to be relaxed.    Our facility did not have the tainted product, but there are still problems to be addressed and monitored.

Post work I did my first Tread water for an hour workout.   Intense.  First 10 mins are hard, then I either found a groove and it got easier, then Lifeguard gave me a brick…10 lbs, and I almost sunk to the bottom.  So I gave up the brick…and went with just “Jazz hands”  up in the air which makes treading a lot harder….

Yeah, it was luckily not like that.

Tomorrow i am switching up workouts and doing a cycle and swim…I think…

Saturday is a paced long run and Sunday I will do Fridays running workout.

Feeling good.

I am dreading the OUC for some reason. I told Skeletor, he told me to write down all the reasons.  So that will be my next post.  He immediately suggested that I don’t need to do it, but I have been putting off any race over a 10K for so long now.  and frankly speaking, I am up to 10 miles in the Long, OUC is not till December first.  It might be time to get over whatever my fears are, they are nebulous and not well defined.  Well, I am liking the coaching situation, he did tell me to write it all down.  So maybe I can give them to him, and just like most of my training issues, he can make the fears go Poof!!!!

What’s your next big race?  Are you feeling excited or terrified?

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