30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Strength and Stretch

Yesterday, I had the same experience as before.  I woke up incredibly sore.  I was actually 15 minutes late to work, because I was not getting out of bed.  I realised with shock that I was avoiding getting out of bed because I was afraid it would hurt to walk.

So, motrin in the morning and compression for about 7 hours.  I finally felt like I was too tightly mummified in botht he shorts and sleeves that I took them off at about 2:30.  And yes, my hip and quad felt better.

I was sorely tempted to “redo” my speed work workout.

Some part of me was smart in preparing for the gym (remember I was in so much pain during prep I has hating on walking…

I KNEW at that point that I would end up like this…minus the giggles..


I was still not convinced, but upon getting to the gym I saw I had packed my oldest most worn shoes, and no sports bra.  So…that was my big hint that I was not going to do speedwork.  Admittedly, I also forgot socks, but..I briefly considered buying both socks and a new bra at the store.  My Cheapness won out.

I biked some and then did a very nice strength workout.   I don’t know why I am so like this,  the strength workout is actually much more important to my ability to run, than any speed workout.  Which one makes me feel successful?  Yes, the running.

Today…My hips and glutes are a bit tender.  That’s from my strength training…Yes, I think I might be getting stronger.  I have my massage this afternoon…it should make things easier.

On top of al this, i am working with my old personal trainer.  I have 6 sessions left, and I am not going to renew.  My Physical therapist has really given me better exercises and ways to progress them.  But…As I was working with his this week, he has an intern.  They often have interns…but MAN, this guy is SO annoying.  He is kind of like Tony Robins in a 20 yr old body with a Justin Bieber haircut…


Well, I am lifting some weights, and all of a sudden out comes “You can do it!!!”    “You’ve got the power!”  So I could not stop laughing.  I then looked at him and said, “Damn, you are really annoying!”  My trainer bust out laughing.  He knows I rarely curse.  Intern-boy does not know this, and proceeds to think that I am somehow encouraging him.  THis continued on throughout the session.  So I am thinking No problem, and I am also thinking, note for next week…email trainer and ask that they put Intern to cleaning equipment during my session.

So yesterday I am working on the 3-cone touch.

My exercise is similar to the one in the video, except I have the cones set in a triangle and I have to turn left and right to touch the cones and no bending on my legs.  It requires a good deal of calm and concentration for me to do it correctly, and I do struggle with it.  The cones are in the PT gym, so I generally only do this exercise when PT is not seeing patients. (which is Friday Afternoon!)  so I was there and I actually noted some improvement… and all of a sudden, I hear from across the gym “Keep your balance, You CAN do it!!!  You have the power!!!  Believe to succeed”  and I am thinking…Wonder how much I will get if I just go and punch him directly in the nose.   I didn’t but I wanted to!

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