30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

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Day 46 REST DAY for Marathon Training.

Oh wow.  this really is a super cut back week. If I had not had such a problem last Friday…this would have been my first rest day in 45 days.  But alas, last Friday I could not move, so, this is just a mundane rest day. resisting the urge to feel like Spartacus. And yes, …

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Crazy Ass Long run.

Sometimes it’s nice to have your own Blog, where you can entitle things, “Crazy Ass Long run!”   I was SO nervous about todays long run.  It was a paced long run, not a Normal LSD run.   I’d never really done a run liek this before. Luckily my pal FLASH was willing to try out …

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9 mile burn

I do love to use this photo each time I run 9. Apparently Nine Mile Burn is a Celtic-style band from the Mid-West United States.  I tried to locate some of their music, given how often I love to use the picture but alas, they are not Youtube people. Here is a Link to an …

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