30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

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Fun Friday

Oh Friday’s how I love them….   THis was great at work because I figured out how to do ALL of the statistical analysis that my one project required.  WHEE!  Plus, luckily it worked in my favor.  Our research did come out with a good p-value so it can be considered statistically significant.     …

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Day 46 REST DAY for Marathon Training.

Oh wow.  this really is a super cut back week. If I had not had such a problem last Friday…this would have been my first rest day in 45 days.  But alas, last Friday I could not move, so, this is just a mundane rest day. resisting the urge to feel like Spartacus. And yes, …

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Marathon Training Day 38 and rant about BS.

4 miles run with 3 miles tempo. I admit it.  I do not like my tempo run route choice…AT ALL. Firstly, the first mile, if you click the link you will see the weird elevation.  It’s nt that any of the elevation is brutal or anything its just that it’s just placed funny for a …

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$#it just got real

My training plan seems to have exploded with intensity. Still not sure if its a Or more like: After yesterday’s GI fun, I was pretty eager to get going on this week. I of course had that work thing get in the way for 8 full hours.  and FINALLY at 4:30 it was over.  My …

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Swim and Spin Saturday. and the future.

Today was an easy day. I woke up  tired.  So after I walked the dog,  I went back to sleep and engaged in some serious REM action.  I had the wildest dreams.  Mostly about visiting a friend’s daughter at her college, losing my laptop, and trying to find my way to where the lost laptop …

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New Coaching.

So It is official, I have a new coach of sorts. I call him Skeletor. He is my old Physical Therapist, and an Ultra Runner, Ultra Swimmer, and all around smart person.  On top of that, he is a Christian of the type I admire.  In other words, he actually tries to live a life …

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Hello world!

Well howdy!  it’s a new blog for me.  I am trying to kind of keep some things separate from my other blog, as the repeated entries about running can be boring to those who don’t run.  I regret that this entry, the first one…is not some slick introduction- designed to make you want to follow …

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