30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

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Apologies to my 12 readers.

LOL. I know this blog is really for me to keep track of stuff, and it doesn’t get loads of traffic cause it isn’t that interesting, so I find it funny to apologize to any of the 12 that may actually read any of the posts here.  There have not been too many lately. Training …

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Loose end, or just….

Today I am feeling a little bit Blah. Training is going well, though I have had a few questions for my coach, which hopefully he will answer. I think I may actually just be reacting to the Mundane-ness of my life currently. It is a lot of work, go home, workout, walk dog.  I do …

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Speedy Wednesday.

I approached this speed work session with a bit of anxiety. I dislike speed work.  for the basic reasons… 1. It’s hard. 2. It is very intense 3. Unlike a regular miles run, my mind can not wander etc… Plus, like my Tempo runs, I’ve had some problems with my last Speedwork. I had plans …

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