30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Day 46 REST DAY for Marathon Training.

Oh wow.  this really is a super cut back week.

If I had not had such a problem last Friday…this would have been my first rest day in 45 days.  But alas, last Friday I could not move, so, this is just a mundane rest day. resisting the urge to feel like Spartacus.


And yes, I know… Regardless of rest days training days etc.  I will never be champion!

Had dinner with one of my running buddies last night.  IMG_0302 2I really enjoy her.  She is just one of those people you want to know forever and ever.  We talked a lot about the state of runners that we know these days.  We also talked about what motivates us.  I have to admit, I usually do not look at others times, I mostly focus on doing better than my times.  BUT…there was a woman at my race in December.  I didn’t mention it in the blog before.  She was 1 minute ahead of me, and was really kind of rude about that.  I know that woman’s PR…and I am going to SLAY it.  But to be honest…if you aren’t a Jerk to me, I really don’t keep track of much of your times.  75972_10151542751530477_602342584_nAnd this is why!  I LOVE having my running friends.  Love Love Love them.  We are all working towards goals.  Some are time goals, some are goals related to medals, or certain races.  Some of us just want to lose 6 pounds.  ANd what’s funny, is that some of us are super competitive.  Someone recently posted this article up on FB…I think it’s interesting to find that the Elites- those who actually ARE super competitive….really understand better the way of life, than many of us 9-5ers….

As for me, Taking full advantage of the rest day.  Letting the prednisone work.  Going to have a VERY stressful day at work, and then do a tiny bit of shopping, a large bit of playing with the dog, and cleaning of the home.

Hopefully by tomorrow, I shall be ready to run again, maybe not my 2 mile repeats, but to run again, and then to hit my 17 miles on Sunday.

I still have a big PR goal.  I would like to conservatively take 7 minutes off my half marathon time.  Personally, I would prefer an 11-12 minute PR< but we will have to see how my foot/ankle/lower leg holds up, and how the rest of training goes, AND how race day goes.


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