30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Crazy Ass Long run.

Sometimes it’s nice to have your own Blog, where you can entitle things, “Crazy Ass Long run!”


I was SO nervous about todays long run.  It was a paced long run, not a Normal LSD run.   I’d never really done a run liek this before.

Luckily my pal FLASH was willing to try out this run with me.  She is loads faster and has a special talent for just running at any pace with people.  Sometimes she creeps up a hill faster than me but in general, she sticks right close by.  Even though we don’t talk that much, I am really enjoying having a running buddy.

In the past few years I’ve been running so slow that I was embarrassed to run with anyone else. I never even asked.  There are SO many benefits to having a friend out there….  Sometimes we chat, and a lot of the time she chats at me. If we run with a third friend, they chat and I do the “Yeah.  Uh Huh”  kind of participation.  With a friend I am able to feel secure running out in the dark.  We carry our blinky lights and look like a pair of rudolph the red nosed reindeer.  (We are nerdy but not attached to our noses).  Having a friend also makes it easier to meet others.  After our run today we spent some time just chatting with each other, and other runners cyclists came and joined in.  It was a great social time.  Best thing is that She can run faster than I can, so no pace is too fast.  I did try running with someone who was slower than me, and I found it was not that enjoyable, for me or for her.

So this type of thing with a set pace was really kind of neat to run with someone who could speed up and slow down on command!  So, I ran the first 2 miles at a very conservative pace…then I gelled with a “Second Surge” gel and took off, trying to get on pace.  I actually pretty much aspirated the gel.  I was trying to eat, breathe and talk to my Running buddy all at the same time.  Whew.


That was a shocker.  I did manage to then get through the first 3 miles without a hitch.  Mile 2 of the series was a bit TOO fast.  We walked it out at mile 5.  (The plan said to repeat miles 3,4,5, so I figured a break was OK).  I gelled with a Jetberry GU.  It tasted a lot better, of course it got into my stomach not my lungs, so that was also helpful.  I then started back to the trail head with her.  I kind of thought oh yeah, this will be no problem because a lot of the next miles were downhill.  I had just run UP them.  Well.  I was not so correct.  Yes, I was right they are downhill.  For some reason they were still harder than I expected.  I got all the way to the beginning of mile 8 on pace, and at Mile Eight I just stopped, said I had to walk, etc etc.  and Did so. I really walked.  Eventually I realized that I had walked TOO much and had to start jogging again.  that mile ended up being the slowest of them all.  I think I lost focus. I had a ton of mental chatter in my head.  Last 2 miles were at an easy pace, and were oddly much faster than my mile 8. At mile 8 I was certain I was DONE finito the FAT lady had sung on my long run.  But either the rest I got while fooling around rejuvenated me, or I was really just fooling around…because the last 2 miles weren’t too bad.

When I finished I felt really kind of rough.  Sat for a while on a bench, finally motivated to drink water.  Of course all that gel worked it’s way through me.  AND OMG!  the women’s rest room on the trail was BROKEN!  So, I cut the socializing short and hightailed it home… this whole GI problem thing is new to me, but it looks like it might be here to stay, so I’m going to have to work on that.

Long run in the books.  90% successful.  just one more 3 miler tomorrow and bam that week is over and I have only ONE WEEK til TAPER WEEK!

Highlight: saw a HUGE HUGE Bald Eagle flying really close to us…as well as several Osprey. (Also almost got hit by a bat zooming in , but that was not really a highlight….you know?)

How has your training been this week?  Anything fun new different?  Do you run with a pal or go solo?

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