30 weeks of Marathon training.

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Transition tuesday

Transition Tuesday went pretty well. I admit that I woke up feeling still very tired and kind of drained. I took my pulse as I was sure it would be some crazy number like 80.  But no, it was 54.  So, without the pulse being up I had no good excuse to skip the workout. …

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T2 wednesday

Apparently this is a week of Transition. I am feeling much better today about Dale Tusen.  I mean, I do not feel better, but, I am no longer randomly breaking out into tears.  I am processing this slowly, but I did wake up and feel better today. Apparently today was a T2 workout.  For a …

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Transition Tuesday!

Today was Transition Tuesday!  I am definitely in a bit of transition. Last Tuesday…My Daily Mile Pal Dale Tusen died in a very unexpected cycling accident.  I’ve been all over the place about it.  Stoic, accepting, crying, praying for his family, and feeling a bit guilty over my grief. As an Emergency Department Nurse, I’ve had …

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