30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

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Running and getting wet.

With the scare of the ab tweak… my swim/run/swim/run seems to have been dramatically shortened.   Took advantage of my manager and decided to go into work at 7, rather than 8 to get prepared for a meeting at 11 am.  As it turns out all the meeting prep that my manager seemed to feel …

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Terrific Tuesday.

Well, as you know… I adore tuesdays. It’s the swim/run/swim/run workout. I also find I like it because I share it with a friend often, and it seems to challenge her almost as much as it does me. Today, however, at 5am, I got a text saying “Can’t come, cat ill…gotta go to the vet …

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Tuesday- terrific tremendous tuesday

Now, if you follow this training blog, and I don’t really think too many people do religiously, as it is not that entertaining. But, if you do, You know I really LOVE Tuesdays.   I have dubbed it “Transition Tuesday”  and it’s a workout not done by a lot of people, but one that probably …

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