30 weeks of Marathon training.

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Lesson learned…(again)

So today on the docket was a medium sized Brick workout. Bike an hour run 6 miles. I awoke at 4 am and stumbled/shuffled around.  Made an executive decision to crawl back to the bed.  Slept til 6:30 am. Felt better. The yasso workout is so tough that it followed me into the next day. …

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So I have miscalculated.  I totally thought this week would be a REST week. No No Nellie.  Not a Whoa Nellie.  it’s more of a Go nellie. Last week, I started to understand suffering, and suffering well… Looks like this week will be more lessons in suffering. Here’s Carrie Cheadle…teaching me..   Gonna make sure …

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I don’t know where the term came from but ironman athletes especially talk about Suffering, as a term used in training a lot. DOn’t believe me?  Look Here, at this awesome recap written by a NoMeat Athlete!!!,  Or if you prefer Here, as an Austrailian athlete recounts a training bike ride… you can even look …

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