30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

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Return to running, goof balls and….

So yesterday I returned to running with an inglorious run. Kind of like the Inglorious fruits and Vegetables:   It was just 2 miles.  He wrote: run 2 miles fast.  Not because I should run fast after 3 weeks essentially sweating it out in the pool, but probably because he knew me well enough to …

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Training Week Recap- or why I really appreciate my Coach.

Last week,  I experienced a true crisis of confidence.  I had a complete failure at the long run.  I started out, and at mile three, I abruptly turned around and pretty much walked home.  I did a few more miles on the Treadmill, but the entire failure just shook me.   I had had a …

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Monday Monday

So I was not really feeling good yesterday after my run in the heat. At about 8 last night I got my email with this weeks workouts. WHOA.  I suddenly felt a little nauseous.   It has a lot more miles.  Loads. Loads. I started to feel super discouraged.  I had the thought, of “If …

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