30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

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Marathon training Day 67

LOL.  I was typing this and thinking, “Oh I am getting behind on my charting”  It would be that way, as I am always going to be a nurse. Anyway.  MTD 67 was a one hour swim. It was a GLORIOUS day. The water was COLD, the air was HOT.  I didn’t swim too fast, …

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Marathon training day 63

Long run.  15 miles one hour spin, about 12.3 miles. So, I was feeling pretty good when I started out for the long run.  I had some lingering tired feelings but, I think loads of us feel tired on the weekends.  I maybe more than others, because I actually have to get up earlier on …

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Marathon Training Day 29

I did finally get my plan, apparently he got it together around Midnight last night. Luckily for Ms. Anxiety, he did respond to my email by about 8 pm, so my worries were over by then. today was an interesting and iffy day for training.  My ankle was feeling strained after running on the camber …

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Coach time

Well.  My coach has been out of town and very busy, so I  had not seen him since the day after Thanksgiving.  We do some emailing, but…we seem to actually communicate better in person- probably because he is able to look at me walking/moving and my face kind of makes a lot of expressions…   …

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Race Report: The OUC Half Marathon

So on Saturday I finally ran The OUC. It was a really strange one for me.  I did not enjoy it AT all. I also ran a Post Surgical PR.  Usually when I have a PR I love the race, but this one.  Oh no. So… Where do I start. Firstly I kind of messed …

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Taper Time To DO list!

So For about 2 weeks now, I’ve been Tapering.  Wowee.  It is an unusual time for me. It has lead me to question all sorts of things, my coaching, my plans, my job, my very reason for living.  None of which really needed to be done. So, After much thought and consideration- knowing that I …

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