30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Did I get Healed? Ahhhh No.

Well, If you read over at my other blog…you already know, did I get healed?

Heck NO.

My disc is more extruded, and not stable.

I really have to hand it to the surgery scheduler.  She did not cancel my “reservation”


After that my life kicked into high gear.  I have made doggie reservations, gotten Medical Leave approved, confirmed the approval…(they emailed my former boss, who is at another facility since October, yeah, HR is really up on who is working at our facility!), scheduled it so the team knows, set up my ride to and from the hospital, set up more pre operative labs and X-rays, gotten pre-approval from the new insurance company.  And continued to do some of my work.  I’m tired and distressed.

In the midst of this, the person who should have been my rock, my coach, who did not cause this injury, but also did not prevent it at all,  really disappointed me.  For an unknown reason he did not want to work with me any more.  We have worked for years together so it was QUITE a shock.


OK so it wasn’t that funny. It was really frustrating, depressing, and also kind of induced a bit of anger. I think he has had a lot of life changes and really didn’t want the side business anymore.  He never really told me why.  What actually seems to have happened is that he decided this, but then was “Waiting for the right moment”  to tell me, and just never could…which is actually kind of cowardly, or self important.  Either he was afraid of what I might say/do, or he thought himself so important in my life that he thought I would just keel on over at the news. So it was one of those awkward moments that everyone dreads, rather than the smooth situation he probably imagined.  In my mind, if he had decided this, I would have preferred he help me find the next person…Our town is full of certified people, looking to have new clients.  but NO…someone had to kind of be a jerk…all while I am kind of terrified since my back isn’t really acting right.  Yuck.

I am surprised at how fast I sucked it up. After a day or two which included a moment of tears with IM David, (who thankfully actually understood and didn’t think it was strange).  I decided to ask another person I know to work with me.  In a way it feels like a rebound coaching relationship, but at the same time, this is a person I’d thought about working with in the past. He and I have known each other for 3 years.  He’s helped me with nutrition and some body fat analysis as well as recovery from my adductor tear. So…not a total crazy move.

Coaching relationships are ODD.  This is of course just my experience and opinion.  It isn’t exactly like working with a personal trainer.  Personal Trainers work with a person one on one in a gym for about 30 mins for say 1 to 3 times a week.  Coaches…plan every workout…supervise less, may dictate diet, may dictate supplements, and will want to know every freaking detail of everything.  Personal trainers on the other hand…well, they train you for 30 mins 1-3 times a week….I suppose some do more, but thats my experience. Personal trainers also kind of do the whole “fitness” thing, a coach on the other hand will push you entirely to the edge and then bring out back again.

To the Edge and Back Again

So I was quite pleased with K. said he would be very interested in helping me out. He did say, well of course you’re still working with Skeletor…. and I had to say well, actually no.  He looked absolutely perplexed and then wisely said nothing.  I am 100% SURE they had a conversation today since K and I talked yesterday.

K. was more interested in what had gone wrong.  We talked for about 6 minutes and I could see the wheels turning in his head on how to work with this situation.  He asked me to email him and I will, after the surgery.  I ran into him (literally as I was headed out the door) the next day and he asked very genuinely how things were.  I gave a fast reply and headed home.  There is nothing to do now…so..but I did feel reassured…I do have someone in my corner again.


As I was leaving K.  He reminded me quietly that “No man is an island.”  Indeed…



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