30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Healing more & less

So I think when I do my MRI next week, i shall discover that indeed I have some damage in there but nothing surgical.

I got Healed from something that wasn’t supposed to heal which is pretty cool.

Now.  It wasn’t like this:

It was a gradual healing.  I think it was more from God than the video healing which I think is a fake.

It’s pretty cool.  I have been able to run a little, swim more, and cycle some. In fact, I am now starting to have problems adjusting my workouts and work….which I knew was going to be a real disaster.  I can figure it out and since I’m just getting able to function again it’s a good way to adjust.

Unfortunately as I was starting to get going I caught a virus.  Several people in the office have been snuffling around.  Some particularly loudly.

Third of all sick leave on Monday

I felt a bit uncomfortable with all the snuffling….but I was in my own cubie so I thought I was safe.  I WAS NOT!!!!!  UGH. Snuffly nose, chills, and all over body aches, including my back.  At least with a cold…I know that it’s kind of a limited time thing.

4 days till MRI time!!!!

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