30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

More moving

Yesterday I probably totally totally overdid it.

I got up in the early morning with the idea of running and then swimming.  BUT…I still seem to be moving as slow as molasses in the morning.

DJ shadow makes Molasses cookies for your viewing pleasure.

SO I got there in time for ONE of the workouts.

I ran.

I got the 2 miles in at a bit of a faster clip than the last time. I’m going to be stuck at 2 miles every other day for a while.

I noted the time and knew I really didn’t have enough swim time, so I attempted to do some strength work, I think I ended up with 1 set of biceps and presses, 1 plank, and some of the myrtl routine.

Then off to work, and then BACK to the gym.

I hopped on the cycle, but before I could do that, I was overwhelmed by the lovely feeling of belonging to the gym.  I ran into my friend Kathy and her husband Dave and we chatted for a few, then I was accosted by my back injury buddy Jim, who said, “I’m watching you, you are doing some crazy stuff…”  We all chatted for a bit, and I eventually got my 10 minutes of cycle warm up in.  Then I did do a short strength workout, in the middle of which Dave came by again to ask about how my back had improved.  He also has back issues (I am sensing a theme eh)  and so we talked about them for a bit and encouraged each other to keep fighting the good fight.

One thing that was interesting to discover is that he holds the same philosophy…  USE THE BODY up.


I am all for taking care of the body, but this sitting around “being careful”  is really just crap.  So the conversation was great to have, though I admit, suddenly my time in the strengthening session stretched way out.

After because of the impending cold front, I hit the pool.  Dang the temp was already dropping so I got in a short swim and hit the hot showers.

This morning they have closed the pool. Too big and the heaters can’t heat it to even 75.  But hopefully by the evening…

I suspect I will still have surgery but I am putting it off until March or even the first week in April.  I spoke with the MD office FINALLY yesterday. They promised to put an order in for my MRI which I have yet to see.  BUT….

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