30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year.

The day started out kind of poorly. I intended to visit a state park, and oddly my map on my GPS took me to the middle of an “over 55 active” community in the middle of Haines City Florida.  it was a bit of insanity.

We eventually got to the park, but to be frank, I saw actually more wildlife in the housing development than what was at the park, so Blech. (Seriously at the development I saw Ibis, Storks, Sandhills and an alligator. at the park, i saw a mosquito and lots of tracks.) I used GPS so was sure to walk a mile at the park, but then it was Such a horrid little park I just went home.  Several hours later, I realized I was feeling OK, so…

I leashed up the dog and went for another run/walk/run experience.


It felt like this, and the Dog looked like this, but I think I looked more like someone doing a shuffle walk.  Regardless. I got pretty sweaty and my HR soared. By the time I was done with the piddling 1.6 miles, I actually felt accomplished.

On Monday or Tuesday I was swimming, and noted that my foot seemed to finally FINALLY have the rubber band sensation decrease.

Other than the pain, the particular compromise to my toes was super annoying. I literally felt as if someone had wrapped a rubber band around my toes. With this sensation, there was always a message going to my brain saying, “Remove the rubber bands”  Very annoying. I still have altered sensation, but it is not that tight rubber band sensation. I no longer have a constant message buzzing in the back of my head about removing anything from the toes.  I was hesitant, but after today I decided that this really is an improvement, wahoo.

So Here’s hoping this is no longer surgical.

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