30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Monthly Archives: January, 2015

Did I get Healed? Ahhhh No.

Well, If you read over at my other blog…you already know, did I get healed? Heck NO. My disc is more extruded, and not stable. I really have to hand it to the surgery scheduler.  She did not cancel my “reservation” After that my life kicked into high gear.  I have made doggie reservations, gotten …

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Did I get healed Part 600….right?

Tomorrow is Monday. One day before the BIG MRI. Did I get healed? Hard to tell. I’ve been feeling a bit sick and also rushed for time this past week.  Most of my exercise has been heavy on the Cardio rather than the weights. Possibly not related…this morning when I awoke, I noted that the …

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Healing more & less

So I think when I do my MRI next week, i shall discover that indeed I have some damage in there but nothing surgical. I got Healed from something that wasn’t supposed to heal which is pretty cool. Now.  It wasn’t like this: It was a gradual healing.  I think it was more from God …

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Can I be healed?

Here is Van Morrison, who I have loved since “discovering” him in college. Singing “Did you get healed” If you love this song, I would recommend not listening to the interviews with Mr. Morrison on Youtube.  He is a true professional musician, As he stated, lots of his albums are not about him personally, and …

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More moving

Yesterday I probably totally totally overdid it. I got up in the early morning with the idea of running and then swimming.  BUT…I still seem to be moving as slow as molasses in the morning. DJ shadow makes Molasses cookies for your viewing pleasure. SO I got there in time for ONE of the workouts. …

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Moving right along

Lately my life seems to be returning to me piece by piece. On Sunday I took a Les Mills Class.   Bodyflow.  Les Mills is an interesting concept.  It’s a set of classes that change every 90 days.  I’ve done the Body Pump before and that class is fantastic.  I was less excited by Body Flow. …

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I wake up each day feeling like I am at least 75 years older than I am. I really regret that today because the night before I wanted to do Lucky’s Lake swim.  I tried to get into my wet suit, but it really either didn’t fit anymore (which would be odd) or because of …

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year. The day started out kind of poorly. I intended to visit a state park, and oddly my map on my GPS took me to the middle of an “over 55 active” community in the middle of Haines City Florida.  it was a bit of insanity. We eventually got to the park, but …

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