30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Getting a jump on the New Year’s Resolutions

Well… sort of not really.

Yesterday a friend tagged a lot of us on Facebook and invited all of us to a Yoga session at the gym to get started on our New Years Resolutions.  I was all like sure, why not, not my New Year Resolution, but I know it is one for many and I like to support friends, and I admit, the particular pal who invited us all is not at all fit and so I thought, if she can do this, I can too, even with a massive herniated disk. This morning when I awoke I noted as I walked the dog, that my big toe on my numb foot had changed sensation.  It was definitely more painful than the night before, but not horrific.

I rested a bit and invited yet another friend.  Then, the original inviter cancelled, and my friend said “your town seems far away” and I thus remembering the pain in my toe, attempted to cancel too.  BUT…at 9 am I got a text from the last remaining friend saying, “I’m on my way”  So…i jumped up and donned yoga type clothing….and rushed over to the gym arriving at 9:25 just in time for POWER YOGA.

I dutifully informed the instructor that my back is rather messed up, and that I might not be doing a lot of the session. She was a sub and as all yoga instructors, very chipper and encouraging and all about modifications.

Power yoga is primarily positions designed to help build strength. 

Since the instructor was a sub, she was not as confident as a regular instructor which may have actually made things worse for me, as she was not familiar with any students, so no one really knew what would happen next.


I have to be honest, this level of class was really for people who actually regularly practice Yoga. Not my friend or myself. I have not done this stuff for years, and she is very out of shape. My fitness helped me to maintain some things, where she could not, but in reality, I could not follow a lot of the sequences, and So many modifications had to be made for my back that I think I ended up doing a different class than the rest  of the class.


My friend gets the giggles, which is really not appropriate in this kind of a class so I had to avoid eye contact.

So…end result, 6 hours later my hamstrings ACHE.  My ankles feel miserable.  My shins even hurt.  I got a nice workout and stretch though I don’t think I’ll be trying power Yoga again soon.

After this, I had a coffee and a chat with my pal and then hit the pool for a quick swim.

Not too hopeful at this point about avoiding surgery…

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