30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Christmas Eve Eve

Not feeling very Christmassy these days.  8239013869_2d7a9b6ab3_z

I don’t know why exactly.

I was jealous of my sister heading to my parent’s house today.  As I watched the photos of the long drive tick by and saw then more photos of my nephews enjoying the house and my parents, i felt kind of left out.  Luckily when I ran into my friends Cindy and Cindy (yes seriously) at the gym and talked a bit about it, I remembered that last Christmas with the family was AWFUL!  I did not enjoy it.  SO.  that brightened me up a bit.  A quiet holiday – with a day off in the middle of the week is nice.

Dealing with the family, especially my sister, NOT nice.  SO…this is fine.

It’s unseasonably warm here.


So that sort of seemed to hit me wrong but to be honest I think it is the elephant in the room and the confusion I am having regarding my injury and possible surgery. I feel it’s out of my control, and really I need to do a few things to get back into control with that.

On the plus side… I was able to swim a little over half mile today with no ill effects.  I treaded some water, but had to do that a bit carefully. If I get going too vigorously I have pain issues.

I saw the coach and he and I were testy with each other.  He knows I’m weepy, and he wants me to suck it up.  I’m very tired of sucking it up.  Plus I am feeling the elephantine question of how this will all play out.  He, on the other hand, has his hands full of new baby.   I could even be a touch jealous of that little bundle of joy, though I don’t feel that…I feel like it’s hard for him to see what I’m going through because he is just so full of joy right now.

Other plus side, I randomly saw my favorite lifeguard today.  He’s the morning lifeguard,and is just a very personable and genuine guy.  I got to meet his wife which was awesome.  He has offered to kayak for me for the 8 mile swim if I can do it, and I especially wanted it not to be weird with his wife, she seems much more normal than other wives, and I liked her immediately. So if I can get strong…10167920_10205399549298511_6266194053212635118_n

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