30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.


Whew.  I have been experiencing some fatigue.

I think it is related to the DARK dark, and the added workouts.

lunar_phase_26I feel a lot better, more balanced, and put together.  In other words, I’m able now to THINK about the fact that my house is a bit of a wreck, I should wear more makeup and update my wardrobe a bit.  Getting to it, is a struggle.

I fall asleep right at 9 pm every single night which is ridiculous.  with 60 extra minutes of “doing stuff” I could get a lot done, and still have plenty of sleep.  Right.  Except that by Thursday morning this week, I dragged myself out of bed entirely exhausted.  I slept in a bit today.

And hit the gym.  I was insane and actually got on the treadmill and “jogged” for a few minutes.  Total time on the treadmill 11 minutes.  Total time jogging…unsure. I went a total of 0.60 miles and 0.35 of that was the incredibly slow jogging.  tortoise_treadmill

The first 10th of a mile, I was kind of holding my breath because it seemed like a foolish thing to do. After a 10th, I walked a bit. My Heart rate after then one 10th, was a whopping 160.  No Joke.  This was tough.  The second, I felt more secure with the belt movement and such and noted the weakness in my right hip…incredible weakness, just like the left was after surgery.  Wow.  I was going to stop it, but then just decided on a whim to do a 3rd round.  It was then that I felt all that running joy bubble up in me.  I was SLOW and not really running, but darn it all, I was very very happy.

Bubbles1-300x211I didn’t care that my pace was super slow, I didn’t care that it wasn’t a race.  I just really enjoyed that movement…all the while hoping no one would notice it was me trudging on the TM and say….”I don’t think you’re supposed to be doing that”

My foot may have gotten marginally more numb, but I am several hours over the workout now and it seems the same as it was before, so…I might be a little sore tomorrow but I don’t think that I can really make the injury worse than it was.

After I did 6 strength exercises 3 sets of each.  And then…

I swam 12 whole little laps.  9 minutes of swimming.  It wasn’t great.

Tomorrow I am going to look at the elliptical seriously. It’s probably a better option.  That and the stationary.

We’ll see if my tolerance for exercises increases.  We are on the turning point of dark and moving into the light again, so…that’s not an issue.  I’m sure getting used to my job and getting into a routine could also help.

I do think though I had a few holiday party invited for tonight, gonna skip them entirely. One I’d have to drive all the way to another city about an hour and a half away for a mediocre dinner (chain restaurant) the other, I just don’t know that I want to hang out with them, it’s run club and I really have not had good runs this year.



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