30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.



I’m continuing to improve.  Actually I have not noted much improvement since the weekend, but I am not getting worse.  I’m at a bit of a standstill.

When I take Motrin, I really feel pretty pain free.  At some point, I always forget that I took motrin, and think..Ooooh, I can run again.  Then I remember.

Once it wears off


There is  pain that just sits on my right glue low back area.  It’s not the greatest.  Not the worst though.

My nerve function has improved.  When I first had the injury flexing my foot up and down at the ankle was difficult, the foot was weak.  My reflexes were not always present.  The lack of reflexes kind of freaked me out a bit, and at the same time I was amazed at how much could be deduced without the MRI.  My right big toe would not raise up off the floor at all.  One Monday I tried it again and bammo, I could lift all those toes up.  Like a total DORK, I rushed out to show the coach.  He looked a little worried when I asked him to look at my feet, but he did.  Big smile, and he looked up and said, Now, THERE’s some nerve function.  Good moment.

Work has become easier.  I’m able to focus and I’m a bit better at reading situations.  It’s still an adjustment, but I just keep working at it, and hoping that it gets easier.

As far as working out, I am able to cycle a little more, and do the strength workouts. No running.

Not really sure what i will do about the surgery.

I have an appointment with a good Doctor Friend the day after Christmas.  I am hoping he helps me to decide.

It’s hard to tell if the stable nerve compromise would actually be repaired by surgery  or if it is already healing, nerves take forever to heal….forever.

So waiting and watchful.  My life changed so fast and so definitively, I find it quite hard to imagine ever being able to train regularly again…



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