30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.



Despite the Drama of Friday…Saturday was a pretty good day.

I continued my taper of the Neurontin.  I’m at about half the dose, I can tell because my foot and calf are somewhat tingly and that’s unpleasant, but it does tell me that there is still a problem, which is important.

I took the dog on a nice walk and did a bit of dishes and putting away the laundry.  Still not up for a complete cleaning of the house, but if I didn’t go to the gym maybe I would be.  I cleaned the stop top a bit too.

I got to the gym around 11 am.  On a whim, I decided to try the stationary.


I didn’t do any jumps or climbs or anything. I spun the wheels around at level 0 as I had been advised a few weeks ago.  I could only get my heart rate to go from 80 to 90 that way and I noted I was pulling 25-27 watts.  Normally on the bike I pull 100-110 and sometimes higher.  Ah well.  It was great just to do it.

I moved on to do my modified strength workout.  This is embarrassing.  Initially people can not tell that I have an injury, they tend to think I’m out of shape. They do look at one differently. (I’ve been both out of shape and injured, and people look at your differently).  I am severely deconditioned. So I guess I’m injured AND out of shape. Anyway…I got the workout done. I was pretty pleased with it.

Then I hit the pool for an hour of pool walk/jogging.  I felt better after this.  I have not found my happy place, but I’m lots closer.


On the negative side.  My right foot is still numb and feels strange and I can still feel an increase in symptoms when I stand up and walk around, so probably i can still benefit from surgery, but what a relief to be doing some working out.  I noted that today even though my low back hurts, I feel more strong and also more capable of handling things.  Who knows…. several more days/weeks before the actual surgery stuff occurs. I just wonder about the nerve thing, I mean it’s damaged nerve.  Wondering how much is damage at this point and how much is acute and will disappear with surgery.  These are the things no one knows…

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