30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.


Monday was pretty good.

It is now 56 days until my surgery.  When I write it like that it seems like a very long time.  But you know, life throws really hard curve balls sometimes.  Not only did I get hurt, but I have a new job and can’t get unhurt til later.  I need a pre-surgery advent calendar.

On the positive side…surprisingly, when I got up today, my leg/glute etc was feeling slightly better than it has before.

I did find that my left sided back is feeling a bit of strain on the muscles.  Yuck.  But…that will heal, there’s no chance I’m going to make it worse by lifting a ton of weights or something.  (Because I’m not doing those things).

But I think some of the new exercises I am trying may be stretching some things out and reducing some of my symptoms.

So  Fantasy here:



I start thinking…Maybe I can Heal this leg before surgery date, right?

That isn’t going to happen.

I will have to apply for medical leave. essentially 2 weeks unpaid because I just won’t have enough PTO or emergency leave accrued.  Luckily…I’m a saver and this is not a big deal at all.

The application for leave though is like an entire other job.  😦  Pisses me off, that I have to APPLY to have a herniated disc fixed, but oh well…it’s life.

Work is starting to even out more and I feel more confident and a bit better as well.

And today…was awesome as well because Coach sent me several photos of EJS.  I was so so so excited…he kept sending them every hour or so.  That is one adorable baby though, a few of the photos he sent were not the most flattering.

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