30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

sore….hurts so good.

Today was a great day.

Firstly Coach and his wife had their beautiful baby!

Last night, I got an email that appears to have been sent pretty quickly after the grand event.  I felt pretty special. I seriously felt like I was the “special auntie”…..

Which I tried really hard to keep in check, because I am not the special auntie, right…



So when I woke up this morning, I felt pretty lousy, leg numb, pins and needles sensations, and just life.  but then I remembered little EJS and I really did have a smile creep on my face.

I met a friend for pool walking.  She is a good friend, we don’t see each other that often, but… I just enjoyed talking to her and her stories about some running events.  So the hour long walk blew by very quickly.

I also met my pal who works at the gym and was able to share the news of the baby.  She was also excited and we just grinned and giggled about the new little life in this world.

When I got in from the pool, we were laughing.  My gym attendant let me know that Coach was at the gym.  I was like what?????

Apparently one hospital room, 1 new mommy and 2 new grand mommies was a bit much for Coach.  He took off for a run, a weights work out to clear his head.

I told C. that I really wanted to see him and congratulate him.

Then I went to take a shower.

A lovely hot long shower.  I felt good enough to get the legs shaved….etc.

As I was turning the shower off C came running in saying. “He’s back, he’s done running…”  I was all wrapped in a towel and was like.  OK well, I am naked, he can wait.

I finally found him lifting some weights.


He is over the moon.  It was AWESOME to see him so overjoyed and happy and very good to hear that the delivery went well and that Mrs. Coach is doing well.  (though I think he is not so aware of how she is doing, since his response was….she got up today and put on her makeup… sounds shallow but considering how many photos get taken, I totally do not blame her.)

Anyway I told he I was SO excited to see the email, and that for a moment I felt like a special auntie.  To which he replied, uh you ARE the special auntie to us. It was an “Awwww” moment for both of us.

After which we actually talked about the surgery, and getting me ready.  He modified a bunch of exercises.  I learned I can do pushups with no pain to anything…so load of them. Biceps curls, some mini squats,  press ups.  It felt great, though I looked pretty crippled.  I got a few Looks from people…


But I was like..I don’t care.. I am working out…sort of.

Couple hours later.



Yahoo.  I am sore.  So excited.  I was able to do all this without further injuring my back.  Amazing.

Several hours later, nothing really feels better or worse which is awesome. awesome.  awesome.

I’m hoping I can get stronger.  And I get to meet EJS tomorrow….since I am the special Auntie after all. I had not had a good long conversation with Coach is so long, I loved hearing his joy, and I feel resolved in my injury.  He made me laugh so hard, since he was lifting huge heavy weights I bemoaned how I can’t do that…


He looked at me and said, not  now, but I already have a plan to rebuild you.

Ahhhhh.  I get to get rebuilt AND I’m the special Auntie.




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