30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

It’s scheduled.

So Since late October, I’ve been struggling with this incredible injury.

It has really been difficult, and kind of affected every aspect of my life.  I’ve never had an injury so totally take over my life.


I worry that I am going to lose my job because it is so difficult to be there and try to learn.

I worry that I will not return to any fun activities.

I worry about the future for everything.

So that said, I saw the surgeon and his PA today. His PA, by the way, Rocks.  A very smart and pleasant gentleman.


We talked for a while. He was super helpful.  Answered tons of questions.

And he told me that when he saw my MRI to start with he was pretty much sure I’d need surgery.

I had a moment where I dreamed my surgery was OVER and this was just a recovery visit.  YEAH.  Not so much.

I saw the surgeon and we briefly talked.  and then after waiting about an hour, surgery was scheduled.

February.  They had dates in December, but I have to go to work.  Until February, unless something different occurs.

So now, I just wait and desperately try to control pain, and have just a little bit of enjoyment.

I miss running.  I miss swimming. I even miss cycling.  I really miss strength work.  Really.


  1. I hope scheduling the surgery provides you with a little relief. Sometimes knowing that the doctors are actually going to do something about the pain helps, though surgery of any kind is always worrisome. Sending you positive thoughts.

  2. mizunogirl

    I’m super frustrated that I can’t just go get it done now in December, but am having to wait until I complete the 90 day probationary period at work. It just is part and parcel of everything I’ve done. I admit though I had to go back to the old hospital yesterday and I was SO glad I didn’t work there anymore. It is more comfortable. I have everyone’s trust and I know what is going on there, but I did outgrow it, and even though the new place makes me uncomfortable, it’s growth, and that will be good in the end.

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