30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Hump Day & Thursday

The wise men rode camels, so hump day in the first week of Advent is totally acceptable.
images-6I was ok today.  having a bit of frustration about essentially being used by my old job.  I am super annoyed that I am still essentially contracted to be doing their work, and having to go back and try to train a replacement and well…that’s their problem. Except that it’s also mine.

Anyway, they have had a spate of infections there last week, so I churned out reports.  And had more emails from people from the old job.

It’s kind of like I’m doing my old job just in a different office.

Only one time did I have the need to lay flat on the floor.

I felt really good when leaving work.

When I started pool walking I actually started to have some issues.  My right glue hurt, and both feet and ankles hurt. I don’t think that I’m building muscle but it’s possible I’m doing some things differently.  In addition some nerve symptoms were present. It got cold really really fast!


I got out and my leg was really aching.  I hit the hot packs.  Today the pack felt fantastic.  After a bit my coach came over and tried to actually work on the leg.  He pulled on it, had me roll up into a ball…Nothing really gave relief, I wasn’t sure what he was getting at.  He then said, “Well, I think this is beyond the limits of traditional Physical Therapy”  We didn’t have any time to talk after that because he had a client.

Today I felt OK at work.  Work is so difficult.  I fit in, kind of.  We are missing a director and it’s just hard without one to direct.  I skipped the pool walking today because of the pain yesterday tomorrow is a different type of day with an MD appointment and then I have to return to my old place of employment.  UGH.

I did go by the gym to drop off the Coaches Baby gift.  I ran into the run group unintentionally.  My friend T. was there and said, “So you’re getting better gradually?”  It’s like NO I am NOT.  I answered her that it is the same.  She sees my Facebook posts which do not refer to my back injury and assumes I’m fine,  Right.  Ah well. I am grateful she is concerned.  It’s just hard to discuss with someone who really doesn’t know me that well.

Today was just over all strange.  I’m so tired of not having any real exercise.

Well Surgeon tomorrow.

Maybe we come with a plan.



  1. The wise men rode camels, so hump day in the first week of Advent is totally acceptable.

    I don’t know why, but this made me laugh so hard I had to run to use the bathroom. I realize the gist of your post wasn’t funny at all—it sounds like you’re maintaining equilibrium in the face of a lot of challenges.

    I wish the old job would let you go. The way they treat their staff, it seems doubtful that they’ll find anyone to replace you soon. I hope they do however, for your sake.

    It does sound like your running people, including Coach, wish you well and support you. Pain can be hugely isolating, since you know you’re the one who has to wake up with it and deal with it all day long. Hope you find relief and comfort in knowing many of us are thinking of you.

  2. mizunogirl

    Thanks HG. I am getting better in some ways, but for me, the return to running,swimming and biking and in general being healthy is all I’m aiming at. It IS nice to be able to do my dishes, and certainly needed, but it doesn’t give me much excitement. I don’t know why but it is the way that one person asks. Instead of asking “How are you?” Or my coach asks, “What’s going on with the back now?” She always asks as if I’m going to be better. “So you;re getting better? So It’s gradually improving?” It makes me sound so negative because I say NO. It really isn’t getting better. but I am hopeful that it might after Surgery, and I am hopeful that the third injection may improve some things.

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