30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

More ongoing…

It’s Tuesday.

I awoke at 3:30 in the morning and thrashed about.  Gently.

I felt very tired but couldn’t sleep. It finally dawned on my I was in incredible pain.  It was time for more medications. I stumbled around (gently) and medicated myself.  I waited…

30 minutes later, I really felt the same. I got up, showered, walked the dog, got some packages from the mail box, and sat down on the couch.  I could distract but not really think very clearly.

All of a sudden at about 6am, the medications started to work. I feel asleep on the couch.  Felt so much better.  I didn’t realize how awful I was feeling until the feeling was removed.

Kind of a you never miss the water till the well runs dry moment in reverse.

Anyway, I made it into work.

Work went OK.  I am starting to get myself together a bit. Still making some errors.  What’s kind of funny is that when we review over any of these things, we find all of us have made errors, it’s just no one is watching the experienced people that much.

I’m still not at my best. It makes it super hard.


My Mom sent this silly thing in the mail this morning, so I put her on my bookshelf at work.  Elf on the Shelf I guess.  Funny thing, she makes me smile every time I think of her, because she really reminds me of my Mom.  Nice.

So what I have learned today is PAIN control. Seriously.  I woke up because of unbearable pain, and then didn’t even recognize it.  So I’ve been better staying on top of the medications today, and well…Fantasizing about somehow having surgery on Friday…right?

Nah.  But if I could..I would.

I did do my pool walking.  So tired of doing what seems to be a waste of time.  BUT, coach says it’s good for me.

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