30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

monday monday

I woke up for work today feeling HORRIFIC.

My head hurt, my leg hurt, my back hurt.  I don’t think there was anything on me that didn’t hurt.

I walked the dog, mailing some Christmas cards…36530_Vintage_christmas_holiday_cards

I then headed off to work grumpily.  As I’ve said, adjusting to the new job has not been that easy.

Today I did a bunch of surveillance and actually got to working a bit. It was better than it had been before. I felt a good bit of relief, I have not made an error in the move.  My supervisor and I worked together today and i thanked her for being patient. (She actually is not at all patient, but best to be complimentary when one can.) She in turn thanked me for being patient as the department is undergoing restructuring and so I am not being assigned anything until that occurs.  So… I think I can finally relax, as much as one can.

I walked in the pool a bit as well and spoke with the coach.  None of it was very satisfying.  But, I will say just feeling more settled with the job helps.

Now…this injury.  At this point, if I could just have the surgery tomorrow, I would.  The pain is constant, ongoing and very hard to deal with.  A friend I know has a bulging disc (not as severe but produces similar symptoms) and one would have thought the way he Whined and whined about it on FB that he was dying.  He was pretty surprised when I pleasantly pointed out that I’ve been dealing with the same injury for over a month without announcing it on Facebook every 5 seconds.  (I blog it all out here right?) So I know it isn’t just me.

So high hopes for some improvements.

Neurosurgeon on Friday.


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