30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Oh my….

What an unusual day.

I got up…felt pretty OK…

And by OK, I was able to walk the dog, deal with his output…and get back to the couch position.

I tend to be pretty optimistic, so I was like, OK, gonna be a good day.

By 10 am, I was really bored with Facebook, Daily mile and all of  my other electronic diversions.  I noted that it was pretty warm already outside.  So I got ready for my pool walking experience.

I parked in the outpatient rehab parking (which is oddly always full on weekends when no rehab is occurring.) and was given a dirty look by an older couple, until they saw me walking, and then they kind of looked ashamed.

I don’t use it when I’m healthy, but nowadays, when it’s open and I know that actual rehab patients aren’t in session, you bet your bottom dollar I pull right in.  I’m less mobile than many of the rehab patients.


The pool was great today.  I over-walked again.  I hit just over 6 miles since my injury.  This is great because I have still 7 to complete for the Virtual half marathon I’m completing.   Just What is a Virtual Half Marathon?  Well Let Dirt in your Skirt explain.  Click Here! That blogger is a big fan.  I’m not a big fan, because well… I’m just not that into bling,  and I have a ton of T shirts, so if I need to run a 5K, I’ll do it without a medal or T shirt.  That Said…I was (and remain) really depressed after my injury.  I signed up for the virtual hoping it would motivate me, and it really has.  The race director knows that I have had a season ending injury and is 100% supportive of me doing the entire distance in the pool.  I am surprised at how much more interested I was in getting out into the pool, even when it was really too cold to be in the outdoor pool.


When I finish I will be getting this silly medal on the left.  The one on the right is for age group winners in the real race.  Honestly, I’ve never cared for medals but because I’ve had to work so hard at this pool walking…it seems to mean something to me.  This one is not going in the donation bin.

So, I walked about 0.7 mile today.

After, just like yesterday I got to feeling incredibly horrible.  My glute hurt, I felt dizzy and my head hurt. I lay down in the car for a bit and got some lunch.  I felt somewhat better.  I then found myself incredibly exhausted, it hit me quickly, and so I slept…

Now I do feel better, but I am concerned about how work is going to go tomorrow. My leg is not doing as well as it did with the first injection.  Not at all.  I feel better after the 4 days off, but not improved.  Just better because I just spent 4 days taking care of only Me.

So we shall see.  I am glad that I got a lot of things taken care of ahead of this (Operation Christmas Child boxes) and that Most of my holiday Shopping is going to be done via mail.

On the plus side. I have a friend who had a similar surgery last year in January. Today she completed a half marathon.  She wasn’t really fast or anything, but she finished.  I saw pictures of the greatest smile ever.  That encourages me that the rest of my life is not going to be this dance with pain, nausea and exhaustion.

I’m a bit concerned about wanting this surgery so badly.  I mean….it could still go all wrong…. Scary.


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