30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Ugh! Spinal Headache!

Today was most entirely not as nice as yesterday.

I woke up with a bad headache.  It was a bit later than my normal wake up time, so I assumed it was a lack of caffeine.


I gave myself a nice cup of coffee as well as some breakfast and the headache abated some, kind of.  I noted that it was way worse with movement, and darn it, after about an hour, I realized I probably did have the “spinal headache” from the ESI.  It wasn’t great.

I researched it online and found that it is not considered dangerous for your health, and that it is ok to deal with it by drinking a lot of fluids and laying flat. If it doesn’t “go away” I will end up needing a blood patch, which I would hope not to need.  Good thing I COBRA’ed my insurance.  For what I paid, I have no compunction about using it.


So that is pretty much what I did.  I also noted that my right leg is not feeling as good as it did yesterday.

I cancelled my social plans and rested. Eventually I did make it to do my pool walking.


It is so boring, and I don’t feel as if it does anything for me.  Today had the added enchantment of being cooler than normal, here so I was very cold and actually had some shivering and teeth chattering through it. But I had the reward of a super duper hot shower and then resting on the physical therapy hot packs which felt really good.  I was going to skip the hot packs, but by the time I had finished my water walking and shower my positional headache was back, so I really thought the best option was to rest flat on my back for a while, and the hot packs seemed to make that option nicer.

I tried really hard today to buy some “Black Friday Deals”  but they were not really good deals.  I need swimming tights to protect against Jelly Fish and I want a new gym bag.  While contemplating these purchases, I felt that I couldn’t use them anyway right now, so why purchase something I may never get to use.

Getting very tired of this injury but I don’t think it’s going away any time soon.  Part of me is looking towards February with some anticipation….that would be when I could have surgery…and then the pain would be gone.  I can not imagine my life without this ongoing pain anymore.  I can totally understand why people with chronic pain can’t get anything done and seem disorganized and strange and depressed…it’s because they really are.


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