30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

two steps forward, 3 back.

I think I’m going to be blogging a bit daily here, just to try to get things together as I deal with my injury.

Luckily the poor blog has only 14 followers for obvious reasons, so I know I won’t be boring many folks.

Yesterday was not a very good day.

Today I woke up feeling somewhat better.  The headache was a lot better, and the issue I was having with bending over had lessened.  Not gone, but improved.

This is the weekend of the most awesome race ever, Space Coast Marathon and Half.  So it has not been that fun to see post after post after post of people enjoying the events leading up to the race tomorrow.  It isn’t exactly depressing, because I love the race and I’m glad that everyone is enjoying the race and the events. It is a bit bitter sweet.

Anyway, it was a much warmer day and so I got up and got out and hit the pool for some exciting pool walking.


I really am moving faster.  I had done about 30 laps (750 whole yards) when a lady I met a while back showed up to do her pool exercise.  Her name is Cindy. She is a retiree, and is a very very nice woman. She remarked that I seemed to be moving better since we last had met up.  She’s right. We talked, discussed different doctors, treatments, surgeons. We also discussed how difficult these types of injuries are. Both of us bemoaned that we can no longer really clean the house. Silly the stuff we realize we did daily that we no longer can do well, or at all.


It helped me a lot to have this time to just talk to someone who has been there/done that.  I probably stayed in the pool too long because of that. She is encouraging, and I really really appreciated her.   After, I had the joy of a super warm shower for as long as I wanted (Gym paying of the hot water not me.) and I skipped the hot packs. I was going to go but after the shower I started to have both a bad headache and a very sore right glute.  I was overdue for lunch, and pain medication.  I hate how my life is controlled by need for medications, etc.

I got home, had some lunch, and rested on the couch. After a while I added the emergency breakthrough pain medication on board and finally had some relief.  Whew.

This is really the worst injury I’ve ever dealt with.  I don’t understand it well, and there is nothing I can “do” to make it better.  Even with resting it doesn’t actually improve much.

I am really warming to the idea of surgery, as it promises to “FIX” the problem. because then I would supposedly be pain free (excepting the small incision) and I would be able to build back my fitness without fear of further injuring my injury.  I still feel caution.


But I’ve had time to do a lot of research and have found that for the type of surgery recommended, combined with the type of injury and pain symptoms I am having there is a fairly high success rate.

So maybe:


We’ll see.

Tomorrow my plan is to indeed get in the pool, but to only walk 750 yards ONLY.  Not over do it.

After that, my main interest is to get moving towards better success in my new job…the pain has really made that more difficult than I’d imagined.

I’m looking for God in all of this.


I”m not really sure why this happened to me. I know it is a lot more complex than a need to “slow down” or what not. So I’m really sitting in it and waiting for *it* to come to me.  I admit, I really wish my prince charming would appear during some of the crazy treatments, or when I’m hobbling with the poor wonder dog, but so far…it appears that isn’t it.  Who really knows?

And sure…It could be worse. I could have Ebola…which lasts a lot less long, either outcome!



  1. I was reluctant to hit the “like” button, knowing how much pain you’re going through. I do like that you are getting some support from your faith and others who understand. Have you thought of joining a support group, one for people who have similar injuries?

    Hope you are feeling a little better by now. Sending healing thoughts your way!

  2. mizunogirl

    If a group existed in my area, I probably would. I am active on some online discussion groups. It helps but the only thing that is really going to help is adjusting to whatever the new normal is. Each day the new normal is different… ugh!

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