30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.


So yes, I am not really feeling super thankful this year.

It has been a terribly rough year for training.

The only good thing to come out of this is that now that I have an understanding of this unusual genetic problem that I may have, and probably do, I can look back and see how these things occurred and MAYBE, I can still participate in sports I enjoy with some training modifications, and some goal modifications.

It’s upsetting, especially in the next 8 weeks…well, all my big races will occur and yet again I won’t be at them.

It’s awful to miss them, but even worse to have pain that prevents anything.

I’m on ESI number two out of the three I’d be allowed for this year.  Apparently more than one series of of 3 ESI injections per year is not recommended. I certainly see why.  Lots of steroids, which are not really good for people in general.

epidural-steroid-injectionsI felt pretty rough the day of the injection and the day after.  I had not had good sleep, and just in general felt horrible.  The side effects of both the steroids and the neurontin I take to control symptoms was just too much for me.  Plus, there is still actual pain.  Not a lot but some.  Today I woke up feeling a bit better. My head felt clearer, I was able to reduce some of the medication dosages while still getting the same amount of relief.

I was able to walk the dog a slightly longer distance.

In addition, I stood at the sink and did a lot of dishes and 2 loads of laundry, AND cleaned the car some.

Is this any kind of massive achievement?  No not really, but it is all stuff I couldn’t do before, and as anyone can see, very needed for life.  I am very thankful for the improvement.

I am also very thankful for my coach.

He was kind of a jerk at the beginning.  Since I could feel what was going on and I had a pretty good understanding of the MRI report, I knew this was a season ender.  Initially he didn’t think so.  Once he got a bit of a better understanding, and re-looked at the actual films…he relented and apologized.  He gave me a lot of rehab exercises, continues to check in, and re-evaluate my situation as well as provide a lot of support helping me put on my shoes etc.  I really will never forget the moment he put both shoes and socks on me…I kept telling him, hey I can do the left…he kept waving his hands around saying, let me do it.  This is evolving. He won’t take any money from me.  Normally, I’d have been sent to PT at 25.00 a session.  SO I’m glad for his gentle nature…and also the money saving aspect of this.  He also set me with with the pain management physician, who I find to be a bit odd.  He’s so friendly and comforting in the office, but outside of the office kind of looks at me as if I have 2 heads.

I am glad that I do know how to swim. It’s been a life saver, and if we proceed with some training, it will continue to be one.

I’m not hopeful at this point that I can avoid surgery, but…I am glad that if it does come to a surgery that I have insurance, that there are good surgeons in my area, and that basedo n my research my type of injury does respond well to microdiscectomy, which is a minimially invasive outpatient surgery.

So lots to be Thankful for tempered with some caution.



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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! It sounds like your coach has your back, even if he seemed like a jerk at the beginning. He’s probably so used to pushing you, it was hard for him to realize how serious your injury was.

    Thinking of you as you recover. Hope every day brings a little less pain and little more healing.

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