30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Injection Day number two…always eventful

Injection Day number two converged with Monsoon day in Florida.

Seriously, one of our hospital had to activate the “weather event” code.  I’ve only seen this done once, when a hospital I worked at was snowed in and no delivery supply trucks or staff could get in or out.

So I drove to work, all was well.

I worked for about 2 hours.

Went for my Injection in the Monsoon, during the Weather Event.  It was really scary driving, but luckily it wasn’t rush hour, so easier.


I had time to purchase boxes of Chocolates at CVS for staff.  (Whitman’s on sale at CVS this week, buy one 10.00 box of chocolate, get the second free.)  and to write a short note to the MD for his Starbuck’s coffee card.

Then I went in to get the injection.  The staff looked kind of disappointed that I was a “no sedation” patient again.  With sedation, I have to get an IV access, stay longer, have a driver, take the whole day off work.  Without..I walk in, get the injection, leave, and go back to work.

Injection Number two had me pretty riled up as well because well, I knew what to expect.


He also didn’t make me feel much better by making a joke…

“It’s not like there’s a big needle close to your spinal cord…oh wait, there is!”

I’m like, do you not remember last time? Not in the least? Do you not remember me crying through the injection?  Memory is fleeting for these folks.

But I was determined not to scream, so instead, I kind of whimpered.  The local didn’t work great on me. He gave me a lot extra and then was asking “What are you feeling” And I’m describing it to him and he’s like… “No you shouldn’t be feeling all that”  I just told him to get it done, because he could stick all sorts of local in there, or he could inject medications and get the needle out.

I then made a big error, and raised up my head.  He was using the x-ray at the time saying, oh that looks real good.  THen saying “OH no. no no put your head down, put it down now.” So I did.  He then said, when you move your head it moves the needle, closer to the spinal cord.  He was then so cute…telling the tech, Ok so this is going to be a heme one and it will be red.  I was too tired to tell him I knew he was saying I’d caused some bleeding.  Oops.

The injection went pretty fast this time. Again massive pain/irritation of the nerve when the medication went in.

Afterwards I got settled into my rolly chair.  And promptly got the buzzy feeling in my head. I said, I’m feeling a little funny.  The nurse said, “You are looking kind of pale” pushed the BP button, and I said, do you think I can lay down… the roll-y chair reclines. which was a good thing. My pressure was 80/40 which is a touch low. As I lay back I started to feel much much better.  The Doctor came rushing out. His tech had said very fast to him, “She says she doesn’t feel good and she got pale.” He heard, “She said she didn’t feel good and she fell”  He stood there a while oddly rubbing my right calf which now looks like an skinny starving cow… atrophy from no real workouts for weeks. He said, “this never happens to our sedation patients, see it could be easier you are making yourself sick with anxiety”  He is going to be SO disappointed when I am still a “no Sedation Patient!” for the 3rd one.

After a bit I was wheeled out to the car (policy) and I hopped in, pulled out the industrial ice pack I was so happy to have remembered and drove on back to work…in the monsoon.

Work was maddening.  I had worked up a very complicated Surgical Infection.  My new supervisor tried to work it up as well, and this is her area of expertise, but I could see she was trying to go too fast with it.  Eventually I let her just do whatever. I’m new.  She did correct me on something I had made an error with, and I was so embarrassed. It was a new piece of criteria I was not used to using.  But…that said, I had used it last week, and I think there is a toll all this pain is taking on me.  Some portion of my brain is now occupied all the time with managing pain signals.  Another part is trying to manage the odd moods I have been having, and the third part is freaking out with the “new job new job!” issues.  The job is lovely, but this adjustment phase. A 4th part always in use before is sort of clouded by the rather large amount of medications.

I am of course sort of sitting here going, “OK ESI work miracles, work miracles”  I suspect, but am hoping I am wrong, that the first ESI worked the miracles, and these are only going to give me marginal improvements.  but who knows.  I hope I’m wrong.

and there is always SWIMMING.

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