30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Sick and tired

Of being this person…

prt_220x220_1390682857 448462 1017213_654540031227671_1490543527_n

I don’t want to be the comeback kid with the great attitude in the face of misery.

Mostly I just want:


I have had such a tough weekend.

Firstly. I am BORED.


Lots of well meaning people have told me to “explore all those things you were wanting to do but never had time for”


I don’t think they get that I can not walk more than like 50-100 feet without excruciating pain taking over my body.

Even if I wanted to Explore something like Knitting….cross stitch….painting, etc.. I can’t physically go to get the supplies needed for those things.   I don’t particularly want to do that anyway so it’s kind of a moot point.

I have a few unread books, and I see why they were unread, they looked promising, but not well written, so I am struggling through Istanbul Passage by Kanon  It frankly SUCKS, I can’t believe it got a halfway good review from the times.  I hate reading it, but I am reading it.

So bored.  It’s race season and my Facebook feed is full of people posting about their races.  That doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it would.  I just find that the whiney ones…well I just want to scream at them, remind them that I can not even walk…why are they complaining, “the race was short”  “The race was long”  “It rained”  “It was too hot”  “It was too cold”


I can not do any kind of exercise. At least after my hip surgery the very next day I had to get on a stationary bike…

This is different.  I do some small and limited exercises, but as my coach said, they are just to preserve function of the leg…nothing else.  Best conversation :

MG: So ok you want me to do these 20  reps each time?

Coach: yes, and let me know how you do with them.

MG: These are gonna keep me in shape?

Coach:  Eyebrows raised….NO.  No they will not, MG, you are about to loose almost all your fitness. It will just happen.

UGH, it’s not that fun to build up again. Though I suspect this time round I will find more ways to make it more fun and enjoy it more.

Thirdly- regular functions are so limited…that things like house cleaning is severely limited.  CLothing is strewn around, dishes left haphazardly in the sink. I manage to wash a few each day so it’s not terrible, but..

Fourthly,  the condition is very unpredictable.

I can be “fine” for hours, and then decide to do something, and Bam I am not fine.

So… I am really just sick and tired of trying to be brave and soldier through.  I see others who have been running for years with NO injuries at all.  ANd in Truth, I also know at least one very speedy runner who has had horrendous year long injuries like I have had.  Guess it is time to








  1. I admit I get a little tired of inspirational quotes and catchphrases, especially when things are bad and there’s not a lot I can do about it. (I find it particularly funny that public schools are lined with inspirational posters when they have too many kids who are hopelessly behind in skills or have so many disabilities it’s a miracle they show up for class.) “Suck it up” is really the best one for those moments, lol.

    But seriously, I wish there was something I could do for you. Physical pain can be emotionally debilitating. I don’t suppose a Netflix subscription helps? When I’m sick, sometimes a good movie helps while away a day in bed.

  2. mizunogirl

    Well, tomorrow I get the injection and is it supposed to help a lot, so we shall see. and then Wednesday I start a new job. that should distract me a lot…as long as the injecton works. after just 2 weeks, I find I am wondering exactly how that will be to have less pain and be able to walk several hundred feet without needing rest. It’s odd… we will see how it goes.

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