30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Race Grief

So One of my Favorite Races is in about 20 days.


Space Coast Half Marathon and Marathon. 

I love this race.

I really really love it.

It is FLAT.  It is along the shore line.

It has a fun Space Theme.

It has the best schwag.  Nice long sleeve t shirt that always fits me…whoopie pies, a beach towel at the finish, and an enormous medal.


My Medal goes to Medals for Mettle, but I do have it for a few days and I like it.


I ran this race last year…Injured so I essentially ran walked it at a 2:33.

Beyond the “Stuff”  the other thing great about Space Coast is that EVERYONE I know does it.

So last year as I was chugging along I had a string of High Fives along the course.  It was amazing to see everyone I regularly see on the local trails, as well running friends I rarely see, and even some people I only previously knew from FaceBook run groups. I often choose not local races, so this was just wonderful to smile and high five and socialize with you know 500 of my closest pals after with a hug pancake breakfast as well as pizza and Natalies Organic Juice.

People wear costumes


Number 113 is my good friend Janice!

Most dress as “runners”  though, but the costumes are so fun to see, and enjoy!

I was really looking forward to SC this year and had hopes for an actual PR.  My Coach thought I could do it too.  THen this injury happened.

I kind of thought well, lets get the back healed and at least I can “walk” the race.  I have 7 hours…I can definitely walk 13.1 miles in 7 hours.

Now it’s been about 2 weeks.  I have a good understanding of the injury and the limits it’s put on me.

I can not walk the race course.  Twice now I would have lost consciousness except that I sat or lay down immediately when I felt the Buzzing sensation in my ears and the room began to get darkish.   Beyond that I’ve also had several bold shopping attempts that went sour due to a complete inability to continue walking due to pain.  My Coach tells me that these spinal injuries are a bit tricky, and that he felt I should not push anything.

So… I can’t walk the course.  I thought to volunteer, but really as a volunteer…at this point, I’d be a hindrance, the only position that really works for me is to lay flat.

Now I am getting that pain injection on Tuesday it is supposed to make all the pain when walking go away, but…not so sure that just because I’m pain free, I should either attempt to walk 13 miles or volunteer for hours on end.

It’s a grieving and letting go process, and I had no idea how rough it could be.

I want to figure out some way to be involved, but as of yet I haven’t.   😦



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  1. I know the feeling of missing out on something that would have been fun to do, even if it was in a limited capacity. Sorry you have to miss that race! It does sound like a party in running shoes.

    Maybe being in the race next year is something to shoot for as you heal from this injury. It’ll be difficult, but I don’t believe this is the end of your racing career, even if it means walking through a few races. 🙂

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