30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

On my way

TO see Neurosurgeon Number one.

Trying to get the back fixed is kind of a career in itself.

Yesterday my Coach/Physical Therapist did a small eval on me and gave me a set of ten very mild exercises to prevent foot drop and further weakening of the foot and leg.

I have been working really hard on just accepting reality and not moaning about it or anything.

So I was a bit surprised as I worked on picking up marbles with my toes…


When he actually said sort of quietly, “Gee, I never thought I’d be giving you these exercises.”

I could hear a bit of his despair there.

We moved on.  I learned about ten very basic exercises.

I told him I thought the injury would make me a fantastic marathoner, and he looked at me and said, well why.

I explained that the pain I was feeling now was way worse than the typical pain one encounters towards the end of a race….and since I’m learning to deal with it now, the end of race pain will feel like nothing.

He grinned a little and went back to looking at my reflexes.

We worked together for a while and then said good bye.

I had connected via a Triathlete FB page with a man who had a similar surgery last year. He met me at the gym and we talked for a while. I found it hard to focus but one of the things he told me was how hard he found it to focus or function when he had had his injury, so I actually feel better about that.

He has successfully completed an Iron man since his surgery- thats a 2.4 mile swim, a long 100 plus mile bike ride and then a Marathon as the cherry on top.  This is impressive to me. He said he was SLOW, but WHO CARES.

I felt hopeful seeing how fit he is and how he is functioning.

Seeing surgeon number one in about an hour, I will see what he says and probably decide on the surgeon.

The crazy thing about this, and I recall it from my last surgery, is how when one is injured, EVERYTHING…I mean everything exhausts.  I did the foot and ankle exercises and then talked with that man for about 30 minutes came home and could not even make it off the couch, woke up with lap top still on lap.

Into each life is a season, and here is mine!


  1. You do know, most of us mortals, when put in your place, would be lying in bed, whimpering, instead of trying to pick up marbles with our toes. 😉

    Seriously, I give you props for being so strong-willed about overcoming this injury. I get just a leg cramp, and I want to crawl into bed and hug a heating pad. Exercising would be the farthest thing from my mind! 🙂

  2. mizunogirl

    Thanks! I think anyone if told that this would preserve their function would do the same thing. The only thing is that just doing one little thing tends to exhaust me. I am very glad I now have 3-4 days to simply lay around. My biggest worry has been to get the dog walked.

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