30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

And the Beat Goes On….

I am definitely sidelined.

It is amazing to me how fast one’s life can change.  One day I’m thinking about how to manage training and my new job and the upcoming Marathon….the next I am deciding how I can manage walking through a store to obtain only essentials and strategically planning my dog walks so that there are benches I can stretch out on ni case I don’t make it the whole way through the walk.  (Short walk).

I am improving.


But it’s very very slow going and not really anything major.

I am now able to sit for a few minutes without agony.  I can stand up for a few minutes similarly.

Walking is difficult and driving remains a challenge.  I went through a drive through yesterday and terrified the lady because i just had to get out of the car and stand.  I told her, “I pulled up too far from the window”

I still have peripheral neuropathy (numbness) in my left foot, and the left leg shows weakness when tested.

This weekend we got a cold cold front, so I decided not to go float in the pool.  The pool is really really cold, and since I can’t kick or anything I would have gotten really cold really fast.


So… I am feeling a bit “sorry” for myself, but knowing that this may really get better in a week or two is helping.

I am now on the dose of Neurotin that they wanted, a very high dose, that is supposed to “protect” my nerves I have no idea how.  I continue to take Motrin for the anti-inflammatory purposes.  I stopped using any narcotics or muscle relaxers over the weekend, they were not helping- just making me feel kind of loopy.

Today… My first attempt to work.  We will see if I get through an 8 hour day. I think I actually can.  My actual back is feeling very sore, like I overdid a workout, but my left hip and leg are tingling…we’ll see.  I can be the little engine….I can I can I can.


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